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Astrobiology Coffee Hour
All meetings begin at 1 p.m. in the NASA Conference Room (Geology 2460H). Coffee and cookies provided.

Past Activities:

Thursday 11/10 — Come meet graduate student Dominik Huelse visiting from the University of Bristol and hear about his current work on modeling organic matter burial during OAE2, one of two anoxic extinction events in the Cretaceous period. He'll also give us a sense for how he and his advisor, Andy Ridgwell, plan to mesh his modeling with GENIE. (NOTE: Friday 11/11 is a campus holiday.)

Friday 11/18 — Eva Stüeken and Eddie Schwieterman are co-hosting a journal club event on their recent co-authored paper: “Modeling pN2 through geologic time: Implications for planetary climate and atmospheric biosignatures”


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