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Figure 2

Figure 2. Earth system model results for dissolved O2 levels in the surface ocean. For an atmospheric pO2 value of 0.1% of the present atmospheric level (PAL), steady-state dissolved oxygen concentrations in the surface layer of the ocean are extremely variable, with a ‘patchy’ distribution of high-O2 regions (A). Frequency distributions for dissolved oxygen concentrations in surface ocean grid cells (out of 934 cells total) show that the highest surface O2 values are not truly representative of the broader surface ocean (B). Shaded boxes show threshold O2 tolerance of early animals derived from theoretical calculations (dark grey) and laboratory experiments (light grey). The model results show that atmospheric pO2 must be ~10% PAL for widespread regions of the surface ocean to be above animal O2 thresholds. After Reinhard et al., in review.

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