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Noah Planavksy

Christopher T. Reinhard
Institutional Principal Investigator


School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences,
Georgia Tech

Research Interests

My background is originally in evolutionary biology, but my past and current research is perhaps best characterized as falling under the label of “deep time biogeochemistry” — I am fascinated and astonished by the observation that our planet has come to support a pervasive biosphere, and seek to reconstruct how we got here. This involves combining techniques from aqueous geochemistry, geology, and biogeochemical modeling in an effort to reconstruct Earth surface environments as they have changed over long timescales through Earth’s deep history and how this evolution has been coupled with the evolution of microbial and macroscopic life.


Reinhard, C.T., Lalonde, S. and Lyons, T.W., 2013a, Oxidative sulfide dissolution on the early Earth: Chemical Geology, v. 362, p. 44-55.

Reinhard, C.T., Planavsky, N.J. and Lyons, T.W., 2013b, Long-term sedimentary recycling of rare sulphur isotope anomalies: Nature.

Reinhard, C.T., Planavsky, N.J., Robbins, L.J., Partin, C.A., Gill, B.C., Lalonde, S.V., Bekker, A., Konhauser, K.O. and Lyons, T.W., 2013c, Proterozoic ocean redox and biogeochemical stasis: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, v. 110, p. 5357-5362.

Reinhard, C. T., Raiswell, R., Scott, C., Anbar, A. D. and Lyons, T. W., 2009, A Late Archean Sulfidic Sea Stimulated by Early Oxidative Weathering of the Continents: Science, v. 326, p. 713-716.


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